The spring will make your blood boil

On a recent Spanish lesson, my tutor told me about a saying the Spanish have for spring.

“La primavera la sangre altera”

I translated it back to her correctly as “that’s says – In the spring, your blood will boil?!”

We don’t really have a saying for that feeling that spring brings in English.

The closest I could compare was “spring is in the air”

But the Spanish version is way better.

When the energy in your body raises.

You know, that drive & good feeling that spring brings.

March is the month that feeling usually starts for me.

And it could be the thing you need to kickstart your mojo.

If you’ve been holding back on your own health and fitness during the winter months.

Use this new month as a new start for this year.

Get in great shape for when these restrictions finish.

Its 4 weeks until we can start venturing out freely.

Its 6 weeks until beer gardens, shops and gyms (YAY) can open.

Let’s use this 4-6 weeks as a small personal project.

Because, what else can we do, may as well use the time productively.

Starting from today – lets focus on some simple yet effective tasks.

  • Daily walks
  • 2-3 litres of water
  • Aim for 7-9 hours sleep
  • Limit Alcohol and Snacking
  • Resistant train 3-4 times a week
  • Eat more Protein and Vegetables

Do these for 6 weeks straight and tell me you still have a weight loss issue.

You will be pounds and inches lighter.

Fitter & stronger.

More energised & happier.

But also, summer body shape ready because you got to work in spring!

What are you waiting for…?

Get that resistance training session done today!



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