Diet keeps failing you?

Or is it you that keeps failing on your diet?

Whatever way round it is – it’s a problem.

And it’s a big problem I have to deal with on THQ shoots.

On our 12 week shoots, the 1st thing we have to do is slow people down.

When members first start on a “diet” or a “cut” or “just get as thin as possible” phase.

They want to do everything they can, as fast and as hard as possible at the start.

And I understand that urge.

Weeks, months and years of not feeling great and hating your body shape, means you want immediate change.

Believing if they are 100% and as strict as they can be at the beginning – they will get the fat off faster.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work as simple as that.

Even if you haven’t done a THQ shoot, you may relate back to a time you went on a dieting phase.

Everything goes well for the first few weeks, you’re seeing inches and pounds drop dramatically, finding it quite easy to stick to – and then BOOM…

You hit that wall and sticking to your diet is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

And this is what also happens on our shoots.

Members are given calorie targets – but ask to eat less
Members are given prescribed training sessions each week – but ask to do more
Members are given timed limited session – but ask for double length sessions
Members are given a low daily step count – but want a higher target
Members are told not do extra workouts – but try and sneak in extra HIIT/Spin/Running sessions

For most members on a shoot, we get them to stick to the plan.

For the few who keep trying to train more and eat less.

Within a few short weeks – their gym session performances tank & they can’t control their appetite.

And just throw in the towel.

Starting again in a few weeks time.

Sound familiar?

You have to match your training and nutrition.

Beginning slowly and building up intensity levels with both.

Start with your weight in pounds x 12 (e.g. 150lbs x 12 = 1800kcal a day)

Start with 3 training sessions a week.

And let it get to work – it takes a week or two for the effects to kick in.

Reassess every 3-4 weeks and if your weight & inch loss has stalled…then you can make small tweaks.

Because you won’t even notice them.

From the example above, you could take off 200kcal to make it 1600kcal a day, and add in a 4th session.

Your results will continue, YET you will be in control of your appetite.

Lots of training sessions increases hunger – whilst at the same time staying too low in calories is the main reason people fail with diets.

Thus, creating the YoYo dieter.

So next time you blame your diet…

Just check you didn’t push too hard and too fast at the beginning.

Track your calories, and slowly add in training sessions.

You will soon see how easy getting in shape can be!

Want an exact plan to make sure you don’t push too hard and fast – the next shoot intake starts on 27th March, keep an eye on emails for more information.

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