Mid-March Slumps

A common pattern I see in the middle of March is a bit of a general lull.

People’s frustrations levels rise as they aren’t quite where they want to be with their body shapes.

It always seems to peak in March.

The days of January of feeling “on it” are long gone.

The February month of just plodding on because there isn’t anything else to focus on have passed.

And then March kicks in and results may have plateaued a little.

Which means motivation fades slightly.

And the middle of March just quite isn’t spring yet – but the spring energy is just around the corner.

For some reading this, that means in 4 week’s time, you can be back in the gym.

And you need to crank up consistency so you are prepared for when the gym doors reopen.

But what if that’s not enough to get you motivated?

Still feeling the lull?

The mid-March slumps may have shown up more due to current lockdown restrictions.

Which seems to exacerbate every bad feeling at the moment (turn off the news!)

To then start feeling bad because you’re not where you want to be with your body shape goal, is the last thing we need to add to your problems.

There is a simple way around this.

Switch your attention.

We all focus on the end product.

E.g being 1 stone lighter for the summer…

And it always feels so far away and just out of our reach.

Which tanks your motivation levels.

But what we can do to keep motivation levels high is focus on the here and now.

Focus on the journey, the small daily & weekly improvements, the progression leading to your goal.

And it’s the small little daily actions adding up that make the end goal come round so much faster.

  • Resistant train 3-4 times a week
  • Daily walks
  • Large protein portions at each meal
  • Tons of vegetables with each meal
  • Reducing junk food and booze
  • 2-3 litres of water a day
  • 7-9 hours sleep and night.

Nothing new I know, because these are the best bang for your buck actions you can take.

Let’s smash through these slumps and plateaus.

Keep your attention on the next workout, next healthy meal, next bottle of water to finish….

…and watch your motivation levels smash the mid-March slump.


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