Eating Healthier Making You Fat?

You get it, if you want to get in shape…you need to eat better.

Healthier, home-made meals.

Single natural ingredient foods.

Things like this list below:

  • Protein Smoothies with added fruit and milk
  • Nut butters
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Olive Oils
  • Dried Fruit
  • Granola
  • Whole grain & Sourdough breads

The above list would look like a range of foods I would give to someone wanting to lose weight, right?


This is a list of foods that I would give to someone wanting to GAIN weight.

We do get members who need or want to add a little bit of weight and size to their bodies.

And they struggle.

Usually because they aren’t big eaters.

They think they eat a lot but barely get about 2000kcal a day.

So as coaches, we need to get them to eat more.

More food in-between meals that are going to nourish the body, but are also high in calories.

They also need to be tasty and moor – ish.

That taste level of making them want to overeat it.

And it usually works.

Why? it’s pretty much impossible to eat these foods in moderation.

At the same time, we still see food diaries from people struggling to lose weight, full of foods from the above list.

And that’s because they are portrayed as healthy.

Which they are.

We much rather you have foods from the above list than cake, biscuits, ice cream, donuts.

But then you have to moderate them…and you’ll find they aren’t quite as satiating as you thought when you keep them limited.

And for this reason, we always recommend to choose BETTER.

Lean meats, fish, eggs with lots of vegetables.

If you’ve trained in the gym, add a portion of natural carbs such as rice or potatoes…yes these are actually low-calorie carbs in their natural form!

Then, if you fancy a healthy indulgence, there is room left over for a healthy treat.

Getting in shape is not just about “cooking from scratch” or “eating healthy”.

It all boils down to moderating energy balance.

Food that comes in – to what energy you expend with day-to-day life and exercise.

Use the THQ meal planner to implement a better balance, or ask a trainer to show & tell you how many calories you need for your goal.

This post was never to scare you not to eat healthy foods…

…but rather make you aware of where you may have been held back.

I hope it helps.


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