Shoot Failures

I have an interesting insight into our shoots.

And it’s not a secret tip, bit of advice, diet plan etc.

It’s about its failure rate.

Yes – some do fail.

But it’s not a bad thing, let me explain why.

I would say that we average on a third that dropout on shoots.

This rate is definitely getting smaller as we improve the small details.

Like when we added in a half way meeting – success rates increased.

When we added in a week live Q&A – success rates increased.

And last year we built weekly modules for shoot participants to work on – success rates increased.

But we still get drop outs.

There will always be life events that get in the way, members losing jobs, moving away, injuries/illness etc.

But another percentage drop out because they realise, it’s tough.

They’ve got to do the work in the gym, they’ve got to prepare meals, they can’t keep eating & drinking what they want at weekends.

And then they have to start again, at the next available shoot.

A lot of results you see us put out, could be the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th attempt at a shoot.

We tell members that you can’t let failure define you.

Doesn’t mean you will always be a failure in trying to get in shape.

Each slip up is another lesson learnt to understand how it all works.

If it was easy – everyone would look like Greek gods and goddesses.

You may now be relating to our shoot guys who have to try again.

You also may have been trying to get in great shape for this summer, but had a few slip ups along the way.

Great, that’s what happens to all of us.

Most of the guys on our shoot who may be thinking of dropping out, because they “messed up” actually have done ok.

And we usually manage to keep them going and save them from stopping. And they end up with a gobsmacking before and after result.

They just needed to stick to the plan a little bit longer to see results.

But how do we get them to refocus?

Simplify it!

This can work for anyone.

Even if you’re not on a shoot and just trying to get in shape on your own, you can use our tactics for refocusing shoot guys on yourself.

We get them to focus on the small little tasks that make the difference.

  • 3-5 weight sessions a week
  • Protein and veg at every meal
  • Calorie target
  • Water target
  • Sleep optimal range

That’s it.

Our dropout rate will get smaller as we develop even better strategies and techniques.

Maybe you now view our results in a different light, with more respect for the members who went all in, appreciating that not everyone is faultless.

Members aren’t perfect, they do find it tough, it sometimes takes a couple of attempts.

But they appreciate the failures and view them as a lesson learnt, sure to never repeat those same mistakes.

And this is one of the main reasons our guys STAY in shape!


Has this finally given you the courage to try a shoot?

Come to our find out more meeting this Saturday at 10am.

A link will be emailed out 30 minutes before.

You don’t have to commit, just listen to how the process works and then make a decision from there.

12 weeks and you could be in the best shape you’ve ever been – how good would that feel this summer!

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