Hardest part of getting in shape

Most people think it’s the diet..

A lot of people believe it’s the training…

I can see their point.

Not eating whatever you want, when you want is difficult.

Having to get in the gym on a regular basis is an effort.

But from my experience with many members and clients.

It’s the getting started which is the hardest part.

Committing to yourself a time frame to achieve a body shape goal.

This weekend, we started our 8 week online and 12 week in house shoots.

Many members took the tough steps of pledging themselves to us that they are ready to make a change.

Because they’ve had weeks, months and in some cases years of telling themselves they’ll get their act together soon.

Yet continually put it off, using more and more excuses.

But once they get started & into the routine of things…they soon realise it gets easier.

Yes, there are few times where getting up early for a gym session is a chore, or having to eat your meal prep is not quite exciting as demolishing a pizza.

But they are looking at the whole process.

And it’s exciting for us as trainers seeing them learning and understanding along the way.

The biggest realisation they have when they first start a shoot, is discovering how many calories are in their favourite foods (even healthy options).

Now recognising that they have to make a drastic change with their diet if they are to achieve the results they want so much.

This could really wobble some people but we get them to persevere through.

If these guys just starting their shoot can get past the first two weeks, by implementing a routine that suits them, we are certain that their ends results will be brilliant.

We have one simple way to make the hardest part of getting in shape eaiser…

We make sure they start to plan and prepare.

  • Planning when they will do their 3 training sessions that week


  • Planning a few days ahead with meals, anticipating times when it could go wrong, and having an answer ready.

If you’ve been putting of getting in shape because it just seems too overwhelming…just get going first.

Commit to just doing two weeks.

Go “all in” and don’t do it half arsed.

I can guarantee you; you will soon realise that it wasn’t so bad after all, and that you’ve already done the hardest part.

You got started!

If this blog has inspired you to finally start….12 week shoot closes today!

Want to find out more or how to start? Head to transformationhq.co.uk – menu – in house member (current password NoLimits) – 12 week shoot – start up module.

Watch the short overview video…happy to go?….fill in the opt in form and wait from a reply from your head coach.

In 12 short weeks…you could be in the best shape you’ve been in years.

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