He pressed the self-destruct button

We’ve recently been recruiting for a THQ trainer.

And we’ve successfully found a great lad and he will be starting at THQ Whaley & THQ High Lane in a couple of weeks.

With the amount of applicants we had, I wanted them all to get a positive message in return as most employers won’t even bother.

And most applicants were happy to get one.

However, one reply I got back took me by surprise.

Essentially the message (with A LOT of expletives) was he never wanted the job anyway and that we will be done as a company by the end of the year.

The last line was a gem, he told me to stick the treadmills where it doesn’t shine.

Jokes on him as we don’t have any treadmills 😉

Shows how little research he did on us.

All I asked was if he would be happy if I kept his details on record for any future roles we may have. Which as a growing company, we certainly will.

We also know a lot of people in the local fitness industry and could have passed on details.

I understand its difficult to get jobs at the moment, but with one simple message he has ruined any future opportunities.

But it made me think…why do people press that self-destruct button.

And funnily enough, I’ve also seen it happen with members recently.

Mainly with this Easter weekend that just happened.

They’ve been perfect for the last month or so and had one bad day (Easter eggs!)

Then blown the whole next week out as they’d felt like they had ruined it.

Most of our experienced members have learnt that this is not true, and I found it more with the members just starting with us.

One bad day cannot undo weeks of good work.

Just like one good week can’t undo years of bad eating and no training.

It is summarised very well by the classic analogy that if you dropped your phone…

….you wouldn’t jump on it further and smash it to bits because you’ve dropped it once would you?!

It doesn’t any sense does it?

Just like if you’ve slipped up…doesn’t make any sense to keep sabotaging yourself further.

There is such an easy way to fix a slip up (or implosion as in the applicant’s case)

Just get back on track.

Next meal needs to be high in protein and veg, reduce treats/junk food for a while, get a workout or walk in….

It only takes a little to get that swing back in the correct direction, and no damage was done.

Don’t believe there is a self-destruct button and you’ll never press it!


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