One Free Pass

No this isn’t a generic free entry pass you see most gyms hand out.

As you know, we don’t class ourselves as a normal gym at THQ.

One free training session is not enough to demonstrate what you can achieve.

It takes at least 4-6 weeks before a visual change can be seen.

And this is why we start everyone who begins with us on a 6-week meltdown.

This 6-week meltdown allows us to build.

Build momentum.

Better eating habits.

Working on peoples sleep, stress and recovery.

And training efficiently in the gym for best bang for buck use of their time.

With the gyms allow to reopen this week…everyone gets a free pass.

Or maybe it would better be described as a free boost.

A boost (or a boot) to get going again.

Build momentum.

The getting back in the gym will make you train better, which then makes you improve organisation with your food, which then makes you train even harder…

See the positive loop?

Even if you’re reading this and not going back into the gym…just seeing others get back on it can be your boost.

You can plan a walk, a home workout, just do it today like the rest of the population who are getting back in the gym to be fit, healthy and active.

We’ve all kind of been plodding along and dragging each other down, let’s get a takeaway, its cold out let’s put Netflix on

But now the energy levels will rise.

And it will keep building.

Keep adding to the momentum through this week and next.

Keep drinking 2-3 litres water a day, consistently make all your training sessions each week, sleep 7-9 hours a night, minimise junk food and booze.

And then you’re not relying on motivation which often lets people down.

Use this very rare situation where everyone is getting “back on it” at the same time.

Build that momentum and when summer arrives (it won’t be long), you’ll be feeling in tip top shape and top of the world.

But it starts today…don’t throw away your free pass.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE THQ transformation guide from your trainer today or next time you’ve booked to come in.

It will take you from start to finish of what it takes to finally get the body shape of your dreams. Enjoy!

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