Men’s Slimming Corset

Yes, you read that right, it popped into my social media feed as an advert.

Obviously, I have seen them for females and they’ve been around for hundreds of years.

But for a product that was “selling fast”…it took me back a bit.

For men to want to hide their body fat in this manner really grabbed my attention.

Lockdowns have really hit people’s body shapes hard.

Lack of movement and an increase of food is a bad combo.

And now things are getting back to normal, I feel a bit of desperation in the air.

I’ve even heard of people selling “fat stripping” pills in local Facebook groups, pushing the rapid weight loss answer to all their prayers.

Which is terrifying.

Know that people are told to just have shakes and pills.

Yes, they will drop a load of water weight but they will ALL rebound and put on more.

Even if someone does stick it out and lives off shakes and pills, is it really living?

They came so close to achieving their body shape goal by just getting started.

They just started in the wrong place.

All these people buying corsets, shake and pills just needed the knowledge.

They’ve not discovered it yet or most likely, ignored the knowledge.

They didn’t want the truth.

That there is no short cut, hack, pill or piece of clothing that will eradicate their problems.

And that is a shame because it’s fairly simple.

If you can;

  • Have a large portion of protein and veg at EVERY meal
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water
  • Strength train 3-4 times a week
  • Take daily walks
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night
  • Minimise (not cut out) treats

And do it most of the time.

It’s all the information you ever needed to get in shape.

Problem is…you’re not going to see results in a couple of days, even in a couple of weeks nothing may have visually changed.

The difference is though…. you will FEEL amazing.

More energy, fitter, stronger, alive and then if you can keep going – the pounds and inches start to fall off & STAY off.

It’s a boring answer to an emotional problem.

But have a little patience and consistency with the actions that work (read above one more time).

And you can bin those pills, slimming shakes and corsets for good!

Actually…maybe save the corsets for the bedroom 😉

You know what to do now…. just go and APPLY IT


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