Meat & 2 Veg

What is the deal with eating protein?

How many times have you heard us say…

“Every meal include a big protein portion and add a load of veg”

And most people who try it start to see fat loss results.

Not knowing why that worked?

Does eating protein burn fat = no

Does it take more energy to digest protein = yes, but only a few extra hundred calories, not going to do too much to increase your weight/fat loss progress.

The main reason eating so much protein works is that it is FILLING.

Have you ever tried to overeat or have a binge session on meat?

Imagine trying to keep eating steak over and over.

You just can’t, you stop when full.

If you’ve ever done a south American style restaurant where the meat just keeps coming, you’ll know what I mean.

But overeating meat has a weird misconception.

Like it will make you gain weight?

But the people who believe that are often the ones that binge on carbs.

Cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, crisps…

You also know that feeling as well.

With the junk carbs start getting nibbled on, you just cannot stop!

Lets just luck at one packet of McCoy’s salt and vinegar crisps, it contains 253 calories.

Yet, an average size chicken breast is 231 calories.

And which one is going to leave you fuller for longer?

The chicken breast of course.

And if you are fuller for longer, you naturally eat less food/calories throughout the rest of the day.

If you want faster results…but still think that overeating on protein will slow down your progress.

I would recommend to bump up your protein levels for a while and just see what progression can be made.

Particularly if you like a good old carb binge!

I’ve never seen anyone not see results from just eating meat/fish/eggs and veg!

So simple but looked upon with so much scepticism.

What’s the old saying?

Eat your meat and 2 veg!

They were bang on the money all those years ago.


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