Make Healthier Food Taste Great (AGAIN)

Yesterday, myself and Carl had a trip to pick up an award.

It was a trip up to Darlington which meant a whole day on the road.

As we pulled up to this grand hall in a very nice surrounding, we were told to go and sit & wait in the outside restaurant.

We picked our table and as you do, you have a look around to see what others are doing.

All other award winners were treating themselves.

I watched the double burgers and fries being taken to the table near us.

Next minute, a large piece of cheesecake went to another table.

As we got ourselves comfy, myself and Carl without a hesitation whipped out our meal prep.

Both having lean meats, veg and I had some extra rice.

Boring and bland.

But to us, we are fuelling the body.

With the nutrients we need to make us healthy and achieve our body shape goals.

This blog isn’t about being organised and meal prepping…but clearly that is the accompanying message.

The fact that we wanted our healthy and boring meal prep.

Because it tasted good.

And this is because we reduce consumption of junk food.

It’s funny seeing people realise this on our 12 week shoots as well.

They think when they get to the end of the process, they will be wanting tons of crap.

But they end up just wanting their lean meats, vegetable and good carbs.

Because they and we understand that the feeling and energy of eating better, far outweighs the 5 minutes of taste.

The more processed junk food you keep in your daily diet…the more healthy, whole, single ingredient foods taste YUK.

But the flip versus of this is totally true.

When I see people gag at me eating fish, veg and rice…I feel the same to them eating greasey, cheese covered carbs.

Don’t get me wrong – I can go out for an occasional treat and enjoy it.

But if you always see healthy food as repulsive and struggle to eat it…

…it signals to me that your diet is still highly reliant on processed junk.

If this upsets you, that’s your call, but a diet diary may need to be done to see if you are being as good as you think.

Here is an interesting observation I notice regularly though.

When people first join THQ, we say to them that we don’t ban any foods.

We let them keep their favourite treat in, moderated obviously.

But once they clean up their diet and start training in the gym, they naturally just drop treats (and booze usually) altogether.

One of the main reasons this happens is that they see how well eating healthy (and training) can make them feel.

And that it was the poor diet that really was making them feel low, depressed, no energy.

The longer they stick with this healthier eating, the more the healthier diet tastes AMAZING, to the point where they now can’t wait to eat their next meal prep.

Just as myself and Carl did yesterday as we laughed off all the funny looks!


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