My Simple Fat Loss Plan

I sense a feeling of rush and panic at the moment.

Being locked up has been easy to hide our body shapes.

But now the summer is just around the corner.

Everyone is out running, biking, getting back in the gym.

Maxing out training.

Eating very little.

Just to make up for lost time.

And they will see fast results to start with.

But they will full on hit the wall very soon.

That wall where even the thought of going out to exercise sounds like torture.

Or having to munch on ANOTHER chicken salad makes them want to gag.

So, these people, with the best intentions, slam into that wall…

….and give up.

It just wasn’t sustainable.

We even get new members at THQ who want to do more.

More sessions.

Tougher diets.

Less calories.

Additional cardio.

When it just isn’t needed.

They just need to follow a plan and let it work.

Just like planting a tree, you can’t just keep over watering it and giving it tons of plant food to grow faster.

It’s just going to go at its own pace.

Just like your summer body project.

Follow a plan and be consistent.

So you get all that I hear you cry, what’s your fat loss plan then?

A simple one!

  • Resistance/Weight train 3-4 times a week.


  • Walk every day – 10k steps is an achievable target.


  • Eat protein at every meal – 1g per pound of body weight if you are tracking calories


  • Stay in a calorie deficit – either following a meal planner like we have at THQ or track calories (10-12 times your weight in pounds is the sweet spot)


  • Sleep – 7-9 hours every night


  • Drink – A minimum of 2-3 litres of water a day

That really doesn’t sound that overwhelming, does it?

This is all that is going through my head when people come to me for advice.

Advice on how to get into shape – but more importantly – stay in shape.

All I’m getting them to do is the above.

And then I’m checking over and over, are they doing the above enough? Consistently?

Sounds crazy, but this is my main job as a personal trainer.

To make sure they follow this simple plan.

I even apply the same rules to myself and my summer fat loss goal.

90% of our members come to us for fat loss, increase fitness and to become stronger.

Those 6 rules I’m getting them be good at – achieves 100% of the results they desire.

Now you have them in the palm of your hands.

My simple fat loss plan!


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