Motivated or Deflated?

We are in the final stages of releasing our latest results from the April shoot.

Keep an eye on Facebook for some amazing transformations.

These guys used the lockdown to knuckle down and get to work.

12 weeks of training hard (from home) and sticking to our nutrition strategy’s.

And they have blown us away.

They had everything going against them but they smashed it.

We are always so proud of our members who go through the shoot.

They are making a big commitment to themselves.

That they are ready to change the way they look and feel.

And when they do complete it – we love to show that off.

For us as a business, it helps us promote what we can do so we can survive.

But the main reason we put them on social media – is to inspire!

Because they are all different body shapes, ages, types etc

People often see someone’s before photo and recognize that’s them now!

And the potential of looking great like the after photo is the burst of motivation needed.

However, for some, it upsets them that we put results out.

It makes them demoralised.

Annoyed that they haven’t acted.

Annoyed that it will never be them in top shape.

And that it always looks so easy for others, why can’t they look like that?

But what’s overlooked is that it took these guys months (and sometimes years) to get to that shape.

And that’s a good thing!

Because they will now maintain it.

As we gave them the tools and taught them the information to do so.

They don’t have to diet forever.

But they now live a healthy lifestyle that’s doable and still lets them socialise AND have treats.

You don’t need to be perfect to get in shape

And the latest shoot results guys were no different.

They made mistakes, slipped up, got fed up with it all.

But this is what you needed to see and hear.

That in the background, it wasn’t so easy for them.

And this weirdly, should be the main motivation factor to kick start your health, fitness and body shape goal.

Keep working hard in the gym and the kitchen.

Still take the “good” choices whenever possible.

But just stick with it.

Long enough to see results.

Just like the results we will release later on.

They too got disheartened that it was never them.

And they were the ones always getting annoyed at other people getting results.

But that frustration, they turned it into a positive.

They took action.

They sent an in enquiry to THQ.

Jumped on the next available 6-week meltdown.

Worked on the basics with training and nutrition.

Saw results and kept them going.

Pushed harder and jumped on the next 12-week shoot.

Kept to the plan and just focussed on the process.

And before they knew it…it was shoot day and they were gobsmacked.

Gobsmacked at how far they had come & at what was actually possible.

Being in the best shape of their lives.

If you’ve been lacking in motivation recently.

Have a look at social media over today and tomorrow and let these guys fire you up!


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