The Shoot Guys Secret

You may have seen the latest results we posted out on Facebook over the weekend.

And it always generates a lot of interest.

People wanting to start with us.

They put in a request to come in and see us.

And on their consultations, there is often a feeling of curiosity.

What did the shoot guys do exactly?

What was the meal plan they followed?

What was the “best exercises” to do to achieve what they achieved?

To which I reveal the whole plan of a 6 week meltdown leading into a shoot.

That’s it?

I always get a feeling that they are waiting for more.

More information.

More tips.

More secret diet plans.

But the fact is, there isn’t any.

We also always tell people when they start a shoot, that the only secret that they ever need to know, is that it’s all about consistency.

As many know, I can be blunt with my approach, because I want to give people the truth.

Getting in shape really isn’t that complicated.

Nutrition isn’t that difficult.

Follow a high protein diet that has plenty of veg, fruit and natural sources of carbohydrates. This achieves a diet that often keeps you in a calorie deficit and keeps you satiated.

Training isn’t that difficult.

Resistant train 3-4 times a week to build/maintain muscle. This will give you shape plus a strong and fit body.

The hard part about getting in shape is keeping consistent with the above.

“And just doing the above with training and nutrition…is that all you really need?”


Its sounds so boring.

But it’s the blunt truth.

Keep doing the above over and over again.

Every day of the week.

We understand that you won’t do it perfectly all the time.

And nobody ever will get it perfect.

Yet, if you are doing it on a consistent basis, on average 80-100% of the time.

You will get the results you want and deserve!


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