A Broke Person’s Fat Loss Lesson

Bob is a nice guy.

He likes to go out with friends and family most nights.

Nice meals, wine & late-night cocktails.

He has to look the part and have the latest car.

The nice watch and clothes.

Bob loves his life and wants to live this way forever.

Yet, he keeps getting more and more mail?

He just leaves them unopened in a big pile in his kitchen, planning to open them tomorrow.

But now he is getting emails, more letters & one day a knock on the door.

Two blokes are now getting him to sign some papers as they take his new TV and sofa away.

See Bob has been living like a high-flying investor but actually just works in an office for an insurance company at junior level.

Living beyond his means!

But what has this got to do with fat loss?

Most people are doing this – but with their body shapes.

People way underestimate how much they consume (Calories), in Bob’s case underestimating his SPEND.

And often overestimate how much they expend (Exercise/Train), in Bobs case overestimating how much he EARNS.

Which is always going to lead to failure.

Whether that’s the bailiffs at the door, or rolls of body fat!

Any supportive friend would recommend to Bob, just do a budget.

Track everything.

Know what is coming in, and what is going out.

Make sure you spend less that what you earn and save the rest.

Everyone would suggest this.

Yet, if someone is putting on weight and asks a friend for advice…

…they have no idea how to help.

When the same financial advice they gave, would also help for fat loss struggles.

Track your food and how many calories are coming in.

Know how many steps you take each day.

Track how many workouts you do in a week.

Track if you are getting fitter and stronger.

The friend asking for weight loss help, now knows how much energy is coming in – and how much is going out.

They can stay like Bob with his new financial plan, consuming less than they burn.

They stick with this method UNTIL they are happy with their body shape and weight.

And then they have the luxury to spend exactly what they earn. In the health and fitness world, this is called maintenance.

Maintenance being a time to switch off from “saving”, unwind & let the body recover.

Before getting back into that saving mode again!

Get in shape and losing weight can be that simple.

Do you need to do a financial style budget?

It could be the reality check you need.


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