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Drink off the body fat!

One day last week I was in Buxton town centre.

And looking at the new Costa shop, it looked quiet, so I nipped in.

One person at the counter so thought I’d be in and out in no time.

Grab my low cal white americano and back to the office.

Yet 5 mins passed by and I was still waiting.

This person in front wasn’t ordering food, it was just a drink.

Then after a few more minutes, it was finally made.

And I can see why it took so long.

It looked like one of those old fashion American milkshakes.

I think it was called a frostino.

Tons of whipped cream and sugar.

Looking at the bored with calories it had to be nearly 500kcal.

It made me laugh but then it soon dawned on me.

How many people think this is just a coffee?

This is probably someone who says they eat healthy, but doesn’t know why they put on weight.

Yes, coffee can be healthy, with research showing it can help burn fat (as long as in a calorie deficit)

But drinking your calories is making getting in shape a hard thing to do.

Believing that you’re having a “healthy” coffee when in fact, you’re having a cream milkshake!

Just taking out this drink could be the difference in the pounds and inches to stop creeping on.

This caramel Frostino had as much calories as a meal.

I could have a chicken breast, root veg mash, extra veg portion and gravy (one of my weekly staple meals) instead of that coffee COUGH milkshake!

This isn’t picking on Costa or that person, once in a while treat is fine.

But people underestimate calories because its liquid.

Thinking it’s less calories than solid food.

Same principle applies to sugary drinks, included healthy fruit juices, all have calories.

Alcohol can be a disaster too, because its hard just to have one small drink, and this is not even going into how hungry it makes you.

Want faster results?

Have a look at the calorie content of one of your favourite daily go-to liquid drinks…it could be a lot higher than you think.

And the one big thing that’s been holding you back from reaching your body shape goal!


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