Disciplined Wins

Its easy to go to the supermarket and get all the good healthy foods when you’re motivated.

It’s easy to get your gym sessions done when you’re motivated.

It’s easy to turn down temptations when you’re motivated.

But what happens when you’re not motivated?

It’s hard to not throw in a load of treats into your shopping trolley.

It’s hard to get your gym gear on for a tough session.

It’s hard to resist that bit of cake being shoved in your face by a friend of family member.

We’ve all been through the tough times, we don’t always have maximum motivation levels.

And many people throw in the towel when motivation levels fall.

But some push through…. because they have a little habit.

A habit of just focusing on being disciplined.

And trying to do the small stuff correctly.

Making them personal wins when they didn’t feel like doing them.

They focus on their next meal, next gym session, when they can get to bed early next, next time they hit their water target….

All small little wins.

But you know what, it only takes a few small wins to see big change.

Feeling more energetic.

Stronger and fitter in the gym.

Happier and more confident.

And then the pounds & inch loss will shortly follow.

When you build on those small little wins, and keep them piling up, your motivation kicks back in.

Just like push/jump starting a car.

Big effort at the beginning, with lots of little pushes and small movements.

But soon the speed picks up.

And that engine (motivation for us) kicks in and your off.

Motivation been on the wane a little recently?

Just focus on your next disciplined win.

  • Make your next meal a healthy high protein and vegetable one
  • Drink 2L of water today as a minimum
  • Plan or book in when your next gym session is
  • Aim for an early night tonight

Make 2 or 3 disciplined wins today and you’ll be amazed how much faster that motivation to be “on it” returns.


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