The best diets…..

Are the ones you can have a break from!

Confused? Let me explain.

We all love a holiday, right?

Whether that’s a beach and chill holiday, or an active one like skiing.

One feels recharged from taking a break from the norm.

And this same principle applies to nutrition and training.

People think that they can just keep dieting and destroying themselves in the gym, until they get the body shape they want so much.

But we all know what happens.

They “fall off the wagon”.

Having to start again in a week or so time.

Where they diet and train too hard once more, and fall off again.

Thus, just spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere.

What they should do is treat a “getting in shape” diet phase like having a job & going on holiday.

The being at work part is the diet and training phase.

This is a decent period (6-12 weeks) in a calorie deficit.

But a scheduled holiday is just around the corner.

The holiday phase in training and nutrition is called maintenance!

Hitting your maintenance calories for a week or two.

Knowing that the maintenance “holiday” phase is planned in and not far away, makes sticking to a diet and training regime much more tolerable.

This is how we treat jobs and should be how we should treat our nutrition and training plans.

We even make our members do this without realising.

Starting them on the 6 week meltdown – then a little breather – before pushing to do a 12 week shoot – and then an even longer extended breather.

Then set a new goal.

Pushing then coasting.

The holiday phase just gives you a mental and physical break.

Your body then responds so much faster when you start to get into work mode (calorie deficit) again.

I believe this is mostly down to your body thinking that it has times of surplus food, so it feels safe to burn of the reserves (body fat).

Compared to if you just diet and train hard all the time– the body thinks “wow, things are tough”

So it downregulates how much energy you burn, and increases hunger hormones so you go looking for food.

Layman’s terms but I’ve felt this! And seen it with many clients and members.

If you’ve been looking for a “best diet”.

I would strongly urge you to track calories.

Not only does it allow you to include your favourite foods, it can be planned and detailed.

Set a time frame, moderate works best (6-12 weeks).

Stay in a calorie deficit every day in your time frame.

When time frame is up – complete a 1-2 weeks at maintenance phase.

Keep training and moving in this phase.

Feel your energy, strength and fitness improve.

Then plan your next “get to work” phase and repeat till happy with body shape!

Like the sound of this but not sure about how many calories you need?

Get your weight in pounds and use below formula:

Get to work phase (calorie deficit) = weight in pounds x 12 (e.g 150 x 12 =1800kcal a day)

Holiday phase (maintenance) = weight in pounds x 15 (e.g.150 x 2250kcal a day)

An even better strategy is if you can plan your maintenance holiday phases on weeks when you know you have a lot on.

Parties, holidays, weddings etc.

It will leave everyone asking you – what’s your secret diet plan then!?


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