Answer me this…

We’ve all heard the saying that “you can’t out train a poor diet”.

Meaning you can’t exercise and train hard or long enough to hide a really poor diet.

The majority of people will back me up and say this isn’t possible.

As EVERYONE has tried to out train a bad diet, and failed miserably.

You know that frustrating feeling of being in the gym and working hard so often…

…but nothing happens!

But what if we flipped that question on its head?

Can you out-diet a lack of training?

Meaning can you eat so clean and perfectly that you don’t even need to train in the gym?


It would be a life very similar to a monk.

With lots of discipline, organisation and hard work.

It would also mean saying no to a lot of social occasions.

And would it be worth it?

So, for me, it’s always been having a blend of both.

Decent training in the gym – with a decent diet.

Notice I didn’t say perfect, just decent.

If they are both fairly decent, they fill in the holes and weaknesses of one another.

They really do go hand in hand.

If you’ve ever eaten really poor for a few days/weeks, the last thing you want to do, is go in the gym & train hard.

However, if you’ve been going to the gym often and starting to feel good, you tend to eat better as well.

The first gym session is the easiest option to light that fire in you.

If you’ve not been so good with food or training the last few days or weeks.

  • Get this week’s first gym session done as soon as you can.


  • Make sure the next meal you have is high in protein & vegetables.


  • Then drink 2-3 litres of water before the day is up.


  • And get an early night.

You’ll soon see the compounding effects start to take place.

Now is the best time to start…summer is coming (hopefully), and the future you will thank you for getting started when it most counted.


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