No Carbs After 6pm?

It’s at this point of each month that the head coaches hold find out more meetings.

These meetings are for the following month’s 6 week meltdown intake.

Although myself & Carl run THQ the company, we still base ourselves at a location.

My main location being at THQ Whaley Bridge.

Meaning I invite people in to watch a session in action and explain how we get them results.

Its brilliant and exciting for me to meet these new people.

I can see their desperation and their general feeling of being fed up.

Fed up of trying every dieting and training regime but not seeing results.

This sounds brutal I know, but I like seeing it as I know I can help.

If you are a member reading this, you may remember this feeling of being sat in a consultation with your THQ location’s head coach.

In these meetings, we hear it all….

“I’ve tried keto, vegan, paleo, low fat, low carb, slimmer’s world, weight watchers but it just doesn’t work.”

“I ran/bike/swam for miles and miles but my body shape just doesn’t change”

I’m listing to the frustrations but all I’m thinking is “yes, I can put a framework in that will help you and I can’t wait to get you going”.

At THQ we teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and training.

And most people are nowhere near where they need to be.

With the no carbs after 6pm rule comes up time and time again when I’m explaining our meal/nutrition planner.

When I say they can have carbs in their evening meal their jaws drop to the floor.

“But won’t I gain weight doing that?”

No = is the blunt answer.

Firstly, I explain to them that carbs don’t all fall under one category.

We want more rice, potato’s, pulses, beans (things that grow naturally)

And less cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets (things man made).

This is liberating to them that they can now eat carbs with their evening meal, normally feeling guilty for doing so.

Often, I explain and give an example of myself, I can work till late and get home about 9pm.

Cook & eat a meal with a big portion of rice, noodles or potatoes and wake up in the morning lighter than the day before!

Because it’s all down to energy balance – simply put – calories in/calories out.

At THQ you start with our meal planner and then build up to tracking calories and macronutrients.

This means that you don’t ban any types of food.

That you can go out for meals with friends, partners, family and not have that horrible guilt feeling of messing up.

Because you have the correct nutrition framework to follow.

Rather than just be “on a diet”.

Now that life is getting slightly more normal, and the social events slowly creep back into your calendar.

Get your nutrition framework in place.

Follow a meal planner like we have at THQ or track your calories and then enjoy your life, whilst still getting in the best shape possible.

Take your carbs and eat them! (after 6pm 😉)


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