Six Pack Method

A lot of members at THQ have managed to get 6 packs or at least achieve extremely toned stomachs.

Some took longer than others to achieve it.

Some got them within a few months.

It all varies on what starting point they were at.

If they’ve abused their bodies with junk food, booze and very little exercise for many years, its clearly going to take longer than a couple of months to undo it.

And we should never compare our own transformation to anyone else’s.

We each go at our own natural pace.

But it is possible – and that’s what should be in mind.

We’ve had people as young as 18 right up to late 60’s who have got a 6 pack, so it’s not impossible as most believe.

But all of them do this one simple method.

And it is a big reason they got their 6 pack/ toned stomachs.

They kept nutrition simple.

They didn’t try to make a new exciting and tasty menu plan each week.

They didn’t try to experiments with new recipes that looked complex.

They didn’t try to sneak in ingredients that were high in calories.

What they did do was eat the same foods every day!

They trialled and errored with meals that were high in protein and moderate in fats & carbs.

Found 5/6 that they liked and stuck with them.

Not only does it take out decision fatigue, it saved them time and confusion.

The meals helped them reach their 6 pack goal, they liked them, and it automated their week.

Then if they wanted a treat, they could go out for a meal or have the odd takeaway.

I know this works as I have my 5-6 stable meals I rotate as well.

  • Lean mince chilli and rice.


  • Salmon and potatoes.


  • Chicken and mash.


  • Sea bass and root veg.


  • Turkey and lentils.

All with large portion of veg.

Always eggs or oats for breakfast.

Greek yoghurt or protein bar as a sweet snack.

Shopping is easy and I could do it blind folded, staying well away from those inner high calorie aisles.

You don’t just have to have what I have though, that’s just my favoured tastes and textures.

The people in the best shape eat the same high protein meals day in – day out that suits their tastes and textures.

Simple as that!

It really doesn’t have to be more complex than people try to make it.

Add in some strength training to hold on to muscle and you will really turbo charge results.

Before you start splurging this bank holiday weekend.

Have a little think on what meals you can regularly consume to really get you summer body ready!

Stick with them every week throughout summer and see how far you can progress with this easy method.


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