Can protein burn fat?

“What are the best foods to burn fat” is something that we are often asked as people who work in the health & fitness industry.

It’s a phrase that makes personal trainers (well good ones) cringe.

I can see where the misconception comes from.

These insta posts, blogs, Netflix documentaries are on FIRE at the moment with these daft claims.

And if you read and see something enough times, it starts to seep into the subconscious.

Making you believe, maybe, just maybe, that it might be true.

Most of you know us by now, and you’ve demonstrated on yourselves, that to burn body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit.

And you need to be in this calorie deficit for at least 6-8 weeks to see big changes.

You can follow our THQ meal planner & cookbooks, or use allocated calorie targets.

But this isn’t the full story.

You can make that calorie deficit work that bit harder for you.

And this is why alongside keeping you in a calorie deficit, we get you to consume more protein.

It in a very uncanny way, protein does help burn fat.

Not in the way the stupid blogs promote that it attacks the body fat.

But protein has a uniqueness about it.

Protein has 4 calories in every gram.

But, because it’s so difficult to break down…

…..up to 2-3 of those calories per gram are used to digest it!

Its nearly calorie free – MAD!

The latest research shows that a minimum of 20-30% of total calories in protein goes to processing it.

Compared to a gram of carbohydrates which is more likely 5-10%

A gram of fat which has a pathetic 0-5% going to processing.

Can you see why protein really helps when it comes to losing body fat.

Not only that, it’s also extremely filling (and tasty – don’t hate on me none meat eaters).

Which means you won’t want to over eat AND it also helps you hold onto muscle.

Which is great for being fit, strong and have good shape.

So, to summarise…if you’ve been looking for foods that burn body fat?

Look no further than your good old friend protein.

And if you’re really serious about losing body fat – get in a calorie deficit!

Consuming plenty of protein to make the process faster, easier and much more enjoyable.

Any one for some steak?


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