Struggling to stay motivated?

I’ve always been interested in the gym.

And when I was first allowed in, at the age of 16, I went to the college gym.

Not really knowing what I was doing but the intention was there.

17-18 years later….I’m still going every week.

3-5 times a week without fail.

Even when I’ve been traveling in remote areas around the world, I’ve booked a hotel that had a gym

Sometimes just a small rack of pink dumbbells and a mat ha.

But it demonstrates no matter how hard it is to get in the gym – I’m going to do it.

It’s now ingrained into me.

When I’m planning my day/week and looking at my diary…I’m saying to myself,

“Early morning sessions at Whaley, work meeting, staff training, 45 mins workout, write email, consultations.”

I just slot it in my days without even noticing as it’s that important to me.

Important to me because of my “Why”

We all have a reason why we think about or start going to the gym.

Maybe it’s because we are fed up of how we look & feel, want to live longer, be happier etc.

Mine started when I was younger.

I was a very skinny weak kid and wanted to get stronger and bigger.

The more I trained, the stronger and fitter I became in the gym, that then changed my body shape, which made me feel like I was always improving.

More confident, assured, driven and I know this all comes from my training.

And I don’t want this progression and feeling to stop.

I want to feel like this up to my 70’s, 80’s, 90’s

Hopefully I make it but a good chance I do if I keep training.

This “deep why” is what I get people to think about when they come to see me on consultations.

Find your deep why and remember it.

Because it will help you on those days you just don’t quite feel like getting in that gym.

It fires you up, keeps you disciplined and organised to make sure you stick to your regular training plan.

You’ll never regret going to the gym.

But you always regret not going to the gym!

Find your why and remember it.

As it will always help you stay motivated and get back in for that gym session when you least feel like it.


Realised your WHY?

Want a little more focus, drive and organisation provided for you?

The 3rd shoot of the year starts this weekend and takes you all the way through summer getting you the slimmest, leanest and happiest you’ve been in years.

The start-up meeting to find out more will be held via zoom and is this Saturday at 10am.

An email link will be sent out 30 minutes before meeting due to start.

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