Getting in shape is a bit like baking a cake.

Not that I’ve ever baked a cake, but I’ve heard its pretty challenging & time consuming.

There seems to be quite a few ingredients.

And they need to be added in at the right time and in the right order.

Otherwise, it’s a bit of a disaster.

And this is the reason why I never attempt to bake a cake.

Also, because I’ll demolish it in one sitting.

But when helping people getting in shape, I’m logically adding in actions (ingredients) as if I was building or baking something.

Below is my recipe order I follow, and it always works (tastes) great!

  1. Calorie deficit – am I getting them eating slightly less than they are burning, but not starving them?

Yes, they can follow the THQ meal planner and/or track calories.

  1. Are they eating enough protein?

So that they hold (even build) muscle whilst in a calorie deficit, and keeping them feeling full and satiated.

  1. Are they resistance training?

To emphasis the above of holding onto muscle, getting fitter & stronger, and burning energy/calories whilst in the gym (plus creating the after-burn effect of a resistance training session)

  1. Can we get them moving more?

In-between sessions, are they walking, being active, playing with kids outdoors, going for a swim or a bike ride. Trying to increase energy burn whilst having fun and encouraging recovery.

  1. How can I maximise their recovery?

Are they sleeping 7-9 hours a night, reducing stress and hydrating with a minimum of 2-3 litres of water?

  1. Balancing treats and junk food

Life is for living and enjoying, we don’t ban treats, cheats and booze at THQ, but are we moderating it so that its only about 10% of your diet.

  1. Are they being consistent enough?

Are they giving it enough time? 2-3 months rather than 2-3 weeks, sprinkle in a little more patience.

This is what I’m putting together in my mind when helping people get in great shape.

Its complex and it needs to go in a certain order, and all actions need to be done.

Otherwise, it’s going to end up in a bit of a failure like my cake making skills.

Read through the getting in shape ingredients again and ask yourself honestly…

…am I doing all of these?

Prioritising them in that order?

And not just Monday – Friday, but weekends too!

If you are – great. Stick at it, give it a bit more time (to rise) and it will end up with success.

If you aren’t doing all of them, reset and get back in the baking kitchen again.

Start with my effective ingredient order – add a pinch of consistency and patience, wait for ensured results.


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