The BIG 3 of a Transformation

Day to day activities that you know are important just get done automatically.

Get up, have a shower, brush teeth, have breakfast, make the bed….etc

All done on autopilot.

Because we know they need to be done.

Done for our health, well-being, mentality, organisation….

Yet when it comes to a body transformation.

All is overcomplicated.

Looking at all the little minutia, rather than zooming out and looking at the bigger picture.

On the things that actually make a difference.

Today’s blog is about simplifying things for you.

Even making it a shorter read to stress my point of simplification.

Focus on the BIG 3.

I am going to add in 3 more activities to your week, that I want to go into your autopilot routine.

  • 3 Meals a day that are full of lean protein & vegetables. In the last meal of the day, add in a fist size natural source of carbs (did it grow naturally, think rice, potatoes etc) if you are training in the gym that day.


  • 3 Litres of water a day most of which comes from bottled water, but the odd brew, protein shake can be added to top up the total 3 litre figure.


  • 3 Resistance sessions a week that you focus on getting stronger and performing better at as the weeks progress.

Body transformations come from doing less – not more!

Stop overthinking and complicating things.

Stick to the basics long enough for them to work and you cannot fail.


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