Want to curb hunger?

Quite often in sessions I’m asked;

“What’s your diet like”

What type of foods do you eat?”

“How do you get your protein up”

I get the sense that they need to compare their own diet to mine.

As if mines perfect.

It’s not always, but 80% of the time…it is.

Because that’s all it needs to be.

I love to remind people that….

….you don’t need to be perfect to get in great shape!

But having a decent amount of protein in the diet will help & make the process so much more enjoyable.

I’m currently in the middle of a summer fat loss phase.

The scale weight is coming down slowly – about 1lb a week but it’s so manageable to do.

1lb a week may not sound a lot to you, but if I do this over the 3-4 summer months, it completely changes my body shape.

For lads out there, people often asked if I’m putting on muscle, but it’s the losing body fat that gives the impression of a larger body for males. Ladies, you guys look slimmer and more defined and will get comments asking for your secret.

Keeping hunger controlled on a “dieting” phase is what will get you to the end goal.

From studies and our own experience with ourselves and members, 1lb of protein per pound of bodyweight is the sweet spot.

High enough to keep you satiated and hold onto muscle.

But not so high that it’s impossible to hit/eat.

For me, usually I have a target of about 150-160g of protein a day.

And I need to spread that over 3-4 meals.

So, every time I eat…I’m aiming at getting 30-40g of protein.

To some this reading this, it may sound overwhelming and scary.

But it’s really not, let’s examine how my average day looks.

Breakfast – 4 scrambled egg = 24g (below target)

Lunch – 150g diced turkey = 48g (over target)

Evening meal – 250g 5% lean mince =50g (well over)

Snack/meal – 2 scoops whey = 46g (just over target)

Total protein for the day 168g = which is about 672 calories (kcal).

672kcal in 3-4 meals doesn’t sound like a lot but it will keep me feeling full in-between meals for hours.

Especially if you add in a big portion of vegetables at each meal.

*For comparison 699kcal is the average calories in just ONE slice of meat pizza!

So believe me when I say 1g of protein per pound of body weight is not going to make you put on weight. (the large pizza at the end of a night on the booze will though!!)

Now, my example helps meat eaters, and being honest, it is easier for us.

But if you are a none meat eater, tofu, dairy, eggs, spirulina will be the best bang for your buck for similar grams.

I understand that craving for food when you are dieting and training for that summer body.

But make it so much easier and just bump up that protein a little bit more…aim for 1g of protein for every bodyweight pound you weigh.

Space it over 3-4 meals.

And stick to that habit.

Give it enough time and you will soon see how easy it is to get results.

Purely just from consuming a little bit more protein.


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