Free the stubborn body fat

Everyone has stubborn pockets of body fat that we want to lose.

Some more than others.

They don’t make us feel great and they get us down.

Our bodies don’t care though.

They like them.

Its little pouches of energy for times of lack of food.

But realistically, famine and long periods without food are highly unlikely.

So those pockets get bigger if you don’t do anything about it.

This means going for a fixed amount of time in a safely replicated “famine”.

At THQ our 6-week meltdowns and shoot precisely do this.

But what about people who just don’t do anything.

Those pockets get bigger, and they store more, which then create even more stubborn pockets.

And the more fat we store, the more inflamed we get.

Excess body fat is an inflammatory marker on the body.

Inflammation is a bit of a buzzword in the media today.

We know it’s bad.

But we do actually need a bit of it as its good for health.

It’s a vital part of your immune system to repair from any injury and fight off infection.

It’s a signal that the body is getting to work.

But too much inflammation or if inflammation goes on for too long, we get issues with heart disease, cancer, immune disorders, arthritis and interestingly – more body fat!

That’s why when you lose body fat, you feel more energetic, happier and overall a healthier human being.

Your body then can allocate resources to other human processes other than fighting off inflammation.

If you feel you have one too many pockets of body fat and it’s just not shifting.

Let’s see what we can do to reduce chronic inflammation and see if it makes a difference to your results.

The main issue we need to look at is if the gut, in particular if your microbiome are happy.

  • Eating a handful of walnuts, almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts provide the microbiome with the diversity it needs.


  • Eating 2-3 portions of fish a week or supplement with an omega 3 daily.


  • Include more vegetables and a little bit of fruit in your diet.


  • Reduce excess alcohol consumption, a small glass of red can reduce inflammation but no more.


  • Minimise sugar, man-made process carbs and foods.


  • Get in a prolong period of a calorie deficit using a meal planner like we provide at THQ or track calories.

Give it a bit of time and see how the body gets to work itself and frees up the stubborn pockets of body fat.

Managing inflammation is like baking a potato in the oven.

It needs just enough to stay warm and cook all the way through.

Yet too much heat for too long, and it’s going to turn that potato in to dust.

Possibly taking the kitchen down with it as well.

Balance your inflammation correctly to set your body fat free & finally see results.


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