Recharge more often

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like to let my phone battery run down too low.

If it goes below 20%, I’m thinking about work things I may need it for if I have to get out and about.

So, it has to go on charge.

This is probably very common (or I’m looking very weird now) and more to do with anxiety and phone attachment.

Which is way beyond my skill levels.

But it raises a point that we look after our phones more than ourselves.

We are more concerned about our energy levels of our phones – than we are of our own physical and mental energy levels.

Eating better and being in the gym often clearly can boost energy levels.

But I feel they require a bit of consistency and time to take effect.

But there are two activities that can be done daily that have an immediate effect.

Dehydration and sleep deprivation are the two biggest killers of your human battery that will sap energy levels.

If you’ve been feeling like you are close to the 10-20% battery level lately?

And have been putting yourself into low power mode often…..

…by cheating the system with an extra couple cups of coffee.

Plug yourself back in the mains quickly.

Today’s task;

  • Drink 2-3 litres of good quality mineral water
  • Get to bed early and aim for 7-9 hours

Just see what difference that makes to your energy levels.

This will be enough to prove to yourself that your human battery wasn’t being charged enough.

And that you needed to recharge a little more often.

Repeat above high energy tasks every day for 7 days straight – and you’ll soon feel what it’s like to be super human on 100% battery.

Extra little test, if the 1st thing you did when you read that email was to look at your phones current battery level, instead of grabbing a swig of water, you know what needs more attention.

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