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It’s going to go wrong!

The old saying by Benjamin Franklin goes…

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

And it’s a quote I’ve used before in my emails because it’s so useful to think of, when trying to get or stay in shape.

In fact, as an example, I usually write this email on a Monday morning.

But planning ahead as I’ll be watching the England game at the pub on Sunday evening, I’ve wrote and scheduled this email on Saturday.

I wanted a clear and focused mind to write this, and I’m hoping after a win, I won’t have!

This is why I’ve planned ahead.

Always planning for the worst.

Staying and getting in shape is no different.

The ones who fail and throw in the towel, are the ones who expect it all to go perfectly.

Expecting that they will always stick to the meal plan, always train when they wanted to, always say “NO” to treats….because that never happens!

So, when it doesn’t go quite so swimmingly – they completely crumble.

Yet, if you prepare for every possibility to go wrong, it makes those tough times easier to deal with.

Here are some examples of what I mean;

Every time you leave your house, have a quick transportable protein option on you for times when you could eat something off plan.

A protein bar/shake, beef jerky, boiled eggs can be carried around quite easily.

When you plan your weeks gym sessions, have back up times and/or activities in case you can’t get in.

Going to a restaurant with friends and family? check out the menu beforehand and look for the lowest calorie but highest protein option.

Going to the pub like me on Sunday, make sure you have had a healthy low carb / high protein meal before you go out, and have something like carrots to munch on when you get back in (my favourite little trick)

Generally, we try to reinforce being positive and having an up-beat view on things.

But sometimes, it just helps to be the worrier, and expect it to all go wrong.

Usually it doesn’t and you can stick to the plan.

But at least you are prepared for times when things go a bit Pete Tong (wrong)!


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