Day Dream into Daily Action

Have you ever gone into a dazed autopilot?

When you are a little tired and do actions that you can’t remember doing.

Like walking upstairs in your house and don’t know why you went up there.

Or when you drive to work and can’t really remember the journey.

I know others do this…and its exactly what getting in shape is like weirdly.

It’s as simple as going to work.

And what I mean by that is that you have the correct autopilot mindset.

Rather than focusing on the end goal, you focus on the next step.

You break down the whole process of getting to work into small bite size goals.

When you wake up, you don’t solely think about opening the door or turning on the computer at work.

You get up on time, jump in the shower, brush your teeth, have breakfast, get the kids ready, put work bag and lunch together, get in car, drive …..

You get the drift.

They are small daily task and goals that we have set ourselves.

That eventually achieve the big picture goal of getting to work.

These tasks are now engrained into you to the point that you don’t even know that you are doing them.

This is how people get into shape.

They are doing small little tasks that they know soon, help them get to their destination.

In this case, being in shape and feeling fit & healthy.

They get up and have a high protein low carb breakfast.

They take their meal prep to work and try to not snack on junk.

They drink water all day.

They plan and complete their gym sessions.

They keep active and move as much as possible throughout the day.

They get home and have a healthy high protein meal with the family.

Small insignificant tasks that you think “nah – they won’t do much

But done daily. It rockets results!

This message is particularly true if you never get your “big end goal”.

Even if it always seems impossible to get there and feels overwhelming.

Just focus on the daily action.

Complete the small steps and absolutely boss them.

And the rest will take care of itself.

Next thing you are at your end goal without even noticing how you got there.

You know what to do today….

Complete the small daily tasks and do them every day until you don’t even notice that you are doing them!

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