Empty the emergency funds

And by emergency funds, I don’t mean your “save it for a rainy day” emergency savings account.

I’m thinking about our body fat bank accounts.

We all have them.

Those pesky fat cells.

They are a little annoying but they are very clever.

See, they want to look after you in times of emergency.

To keep you fuelled and alive.

If we keep paying into the bank account (body) it over flows, and it has to go somewhere, so it fills up the savings accounts (fat cells).

So, at certain times in the year, we need to create a bit of a financial emergency.

We need to stop the flow in (calories) and empty a few of those saving accounts (fat cells).

Let’s create a few big expenses.

And how do we do that?

We stop the tsunami coming in by getting into a calorie deficit.

This can be done by following a meal structure like our THQ meal planner, or tracking calories.

We also need to convince the body to spend more.

This can be achieved through increasing daily activity – walking more is the easiest option.

But we also need to stop the permanent damage to our banking systems.

This is why it’s important to resistant/strength train as your body will hold on to muscle, rather than break it down for energy.

Plus, the extra energy burnt in resistant/strength sessions will add to the expenses created.

I hear you cry that you do this already, but still don’t see results.

There is one more thing we need to check…

The credit card!

Are you being honest with yourself on the credit card spend (THE WEEKENDS)

Truly ask yourself, could I improve my eating and training habits at weekends.

Am I borrowing too much?

Borrowing too much energy (consuming too much) at weekends, which stops the progress from the work done in the week!

Follow your great habits, stopping the flow (calories) and increasing expenses (training/movement) through the week and into the weekends.

And you will soon see what can be achieve in just 6-8 weeks.

A balanced bank account and adequate savings


A lean, healthy, slim, fit & strong body to not only impress the bank manager but everyone else and yourself!

Start balancing the books this weekend.


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