No, I’m not talking about Ronaldo or Messi, Jordon or Lebron, Adele or Winehouse.

I’m asking what is the Greatest Of All Time FOOD.

How would that argument go?

And it often does.

People being opinionated with their diets, as strongly opinionated as people’s favourite singer or sport star.

High Protein or Vegan
Carbs or Keto
Lean protein or fattier protein

The list could go on.

But the most common and long lasting comparison is…

Good or Bad foods.

If you view certain foods as evil or sinning this immediately puts you in the incorrect mindset when consuming them.

But could the flip reverse be said of eating “good” food, does it make you feel angelic or better off?

That’s another email topic for another time, today we are going to try and stop the viewing of food as either “good” or “bad”.

Food should be looked at like a spectrum.

And use sliders to evaluate where it is on the spectrum.

Imagine one long coloured horizontal line.

One side in green and being the good side, the middle turns orange and the other side it goes red.

Each time you consume food or a meal, you add a slider on the spectrum.

If most of the spectrum is heavily leaning to the green good side, then more than likely, you will achieve your health and fitness goal.

If there is too much of an imbalance to the bad side, things are going to be slow and frustrating.

So, to fix this, on average, you just need to put a few sliders towards the good side.

This means that not only do you see results, but you still get to include a few of your favourite treats.

Making your transformational journey so much more enjoyable.

In fact, you can do this for everything health & fitness related.

Been to the gym that day? + 1 slider onto the GREEN side
Slept 7-9 hours last night? + 1 slider onto the GREEN side
Drank booze today? + 1 and put in onto the RED side
Only drank ½ of water target? + 1 in to the middle ORANGE section

All the small choices you make soon add up and make a difference.

It’s up to you how your coloured spectrum line looks like.


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