4lb Slip Up

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t send an email last Friday & Monday.

This was due to me being away.

I took a last-minute break.

Seeing a gap in my diary, and the fact it been a very long time since my last break.

I jumped at the chance.

Food was a little slack and a couple more beers at night slipped in.

But this was acceptable for me as I was in a lean body shape state, and kept very active whilst away.

If you’re interested, I put on weight!

About 1.8kg (nearly 4lbs).

Quite a lot in a week hay!

Yet, I merely shrugged it off.

I wasn’t down or annoyed at myself because I had slipped up.

I just got back on track and to the plan.

Got into the gym.

Meals high in protein and vegetables.

More water.

Earlier nights and longer sleeps.

Just the simples.

Result – two days in 0.5kg (nearly 1lb) down already.

Now the flip reverse can be said, I’m not overly excited that the scale weight is coming down.

As I know very soon it will start to slow and plateau.

And I’ll just adapt training and nutrition when it does.

But for the moment it’s just following that plan with consistency.

My main message is don’t throw in the towel if you slip up, or go off plan like I did for a while.

Get back on track ASAP.

Not trained for a week or two? Just pencil some gym time straight away.

Eaten a big naughty cheat meal? Back to your healthy eating plan/ tracking calories next time you eat.

Crappy day at work? Go for an after work walk and plan a healthy meal to distract yourself from self-destructive thoughts.

Don’t put so much focus on the things that you have done wrong.

Just use my approach and shrug it off.

Put more focus on your next positive action.

Focus on what you CAN do to make the big slip ups just minor blips.


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