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Simple Routines

Routines are what are engrained into our daily life whether we know it or not.

They dictate which direction that day is going to go in.

Set alarm to go off late or snooze, means day is a mad rush.

Don’t think ahead and prepare a healthy meal, means you’re more likely to grab on the go junk food.

Don’t pack and organise gym gear, you’re not very likely to make an extra trip home to go and pick it up – easier to skip the gym that day.

Yet the good news is that bad routines can be converted into good routines.

And of course you knew that but you need a prod in the back from me to remind you.

It only really takes a few simple routines added to your day or week for things to go the correct way.

  • Every time you consume food, make sure its high in protein
  • Prep your own meals, have a protein option, veg and natural source of carb
  • Try and walk as much as possible, at least 30 minutes a day
  • Pencil in your diary when you’re getting in the gym that week, 3 sessions is all that is needed.
  • Drink at least a litre of water before 10am, then another 1-2 litres during the rest of the day
  • Aim to get to bed the same time each night with the goal of getting 7-9 hours

These simple routines will change your life.

You may be sceptical, but have you honestly done them every day of the week (yes weekends count) for a couple of weeks straight?

If you do….you’ll feel more positive, energetic, happier and you’ll have a body that is a lot closer to your dream body shape!

Start today, even if it is the weekend coming up, no better time than the present to simplify your life & amplify results.


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