More results with one simple addition

Eat more protein.

Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but diets that are higher in protein have continuously proven to get results!

  • More weight loss
  • Of that that weight loss more comes from body fat
  • Better preservation of muscle
  • Less injuries
  • Skin, hair and nails healthier

I understand your frustrations or confusion when trying to increase your protein levels in your diet.

To start with, if you trying to lose a bit of body fat and look a bit better, we need to create a calorie deficit through eating better and getting in that gym.

Today though, we are just focusing on the protein side of things.

And an easy target for you to aim for each day is 1g of protein per pound of body weight.

Let’s use myself as an example….

146lbs would be 146g of protein each day.

Now – work out your target before moving on!

This target is enough to get the above results, and keep you satiated to stop eating the wrong types of foods.

That may sound like a lot of protein to eat at first, and you may struggle to hit that mark, but just look at how easy it can be with my food diary today…

Breakfast – 3 scrambled egg with 2 babybell lights
Lunch – 150g diced turkey, mash, veg and gravy
Post Workout – Protein shake
Snack – Protein Bar
Late Evening meal after THQ sessions– Greek yoghurt and light honey

186g Protein

Around 1600kcal

Well over my protein target yet kept my calories very low for the day.

Admittedly, it does take a little time to find the proteins you like to bump up levels.

But generally keep it lean white protein (fish, turkey, egg whites, chicken, 0% Greek yoghurt) at every meal and this should do the trick.

If you are vegan it is a little harder but it can be achieved through tofu, pulses & beans, spirulina.

If you are still struggling, top it up with protein shakes or bars.

You’ll soon realise that it wasn’t too difficult to eat more protein, and you’ll look and feel so much better.

Get planning your meals for this week now you have your ideal target.


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