Surprising way people feel after a 12-week shoot!

The 3rd shoot of the year was completed this weekend across all THQ locations.

The guys looked great and we will inspire you all soon with some brilliant before & after photos.

But here is an interesting response we get from shoot participants.

They want more.

I don’t believe anyone who has done a shoot has said “that’s it  – I’m finished – I’m happy with my current condition”.

Mad, isn’t it?!!

They are in incredible shape but still just wanted that bit more.

And this goes to the very top as well.

Personal trainers.

People competing on stage.

Fitness models and bodybuilders.

They complete their shoot/show and then want to improve on it further.

And this is a great thing.

We should all have this thought process.

Even if it’s just a small weight loss target goal.

Hit it and then improve on it.

Because this is what keeps you motivated, getting back in that gym and eating healthily.

The only way I can describe this thought process is to think about your house.

Especially if you’ve been in it for many years.

A house requires constant maintenance and small improvements.

You do up the kitchen & lounge and then the garden needs to match up.

You decorate your bedroom and then the bathroom looks tired.

This is what happens with a body shape transformation.

Your abs look lean and flat but your legs may need a little more.

Or your upper body is toned and defined but the abs need a bit more.

So, you do the best you can in 12 weeks and just set the next project/ goal and get to work.

Just like your house.

If you stop caring for it completely it gets run down and starts to deteriorate.

Meaning, you carefully keep looking after it and making small improvements.

This is the smart, sensible and practical way of doing things without getting overwhelmed.

Your body shape, health and fitness are no different.

Start this week by making sure you have your small improvement goal.

Get to the gym at least 3 times.

Eat according to your goals.

Assess and progress until you have hit your target and then set a new small improvement ambition.

A much more manageable way to keep everything under control, minus the overwhelm that a big project can bring.


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