What’s needed to get in shape?

It seems at the moment I’ve been trying to hammer home a point.

We have 12 week shoots on which require meetings and Q&A sessions.

Consultations for the September intake of the 6 Week Meltdown.

And one element that I’m trying to get across to people is CONSISTENCY.

And I see the topic go over peoples head a little.

Because they are looking for one particular action that does the job….

What people think they need to get in great shape;

  • Strict boring meal plan
  • Very little food
  • No carbs
  • Lots of expensive supplements
  • Tons of cardio
  • Keto & HIIT
  • Fat Burners

What’s actually needed;

  • More whole single ingredient foods
  • Less junk food
  • More protein
  • Resistance training plan
  • Daily walks (outside)
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours
  • Drinking 2-3 litres

However, the “what works” list is only effective if you’ve mastered consistency.

Getting in shape, being fit & healthy really isn’t that difficult when you cut out all the noise and faff.

The difficult part is realising that you need more consistency and that you’ll need to turn your focus to that.

I understand, having consistency with your food, training, hydration and sleep isn’t that sexy.

And you can’t package it into a pill, product, eBook…..but it works if you do it over and over again.

Go back and read the “what actually works” list.

See if you need to do more of it – particularly at weekends!

And give it more time.

Keep being consistent & you will get results!


The 6 Week Meltdown September intake only has places available at THQ Ashbourne with all locations full.

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