Carbs are bad for you

I saw a TV journalist say that carbohydrates are the main cause of obesity.

Really strong claim and to be fair to him, he was in good shape.

No doubt eating a low carb diet.

But it really can’t be that simple just to cut out carbs can it?

What if you want to have pizza with friends…

An ice cream with your kid on a hot day….

A bit of cake on your birthday.

What would that guy do then?

Not eat it because suddenly he would become obese?!

The problem starts when all types of carbohydrates are clumped into one bracket.

People hear carbs and think about hyperpalatable foods like donuts, cakes, biscuits, chips.

But these types of foods are FATS & CARBOHYDRATES.

Which makes them extremely HIGH in calories and gives you the urge to eat a mountain of them.

Yet natural sources of carbs such as fruit, rice, potatoes etc are purely carbs.

These types of carbs are extremely LOW in calories and you tend to feel full quite soon eating them.

If more of your daily carbs come from natural sources like rice, potatoes, fruit, oats etc then you’ll still be able to lose weight, feel good, and live a normal life.

But if you eat more of the hyperpalatable options, then you need to accept that you will feel crappy, have brain fog, mood swings and gain weight easily.

The odd biscuit with a cuppa sat with your nan once in a while won’t make you obese.

And to totally eliminate a certain food group seems unrealistic.

So what’s the answer then?

Follow a healthy eating meal plan (like the THQ meal planner) 80-90% of the time, or track calories with the same ethos of eating healthy single ingredients 80-90% of the time..

… and yet it still allows enough progress whilst still being able to include a hyperpalatable treat.

That sounds a much better way to live and get results, doesn’t it?

Don’t blame tasty carbs for your lack of results.

Just chose better options.


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