I don’t have time….

Is something I had nearly started to tell myself.

A lot of tasks, commitments and time-consuming jobs are being squeezed back into my day.

People often ask what do I actually do haha, so here’s my current task.

THQ locations are back up and running at full capacity, which needs constant upkeep.

Opening up a new THQ location (Ashbourne).

Website maintenance.

THQ sessions & client check ins.

Filming/writing content & sessions.

Recruiting & training staff.

Long term educational/award project to work on.

Back to football at weekends so no catch-up time.

Now, I always book in gym time, so this didn’t slip.

But my other hobby, learning Spanish (well trying to) slipped.

For a year I had always completed an hour a day learning.

It could be early in morning or late at night, but it got done.

With life back to normal, I was just doing 20 – 30 mins once a day.

Still good, but my progression had halted.

And one day, I caught myself nearly saying “I don’t have time to do this”

Yet – I snapped out of it, and now I’m back to an hour a day AND booked an extra Spanish lesson a week.

In a few week’s time, I will see the progression and reward of the extra effort.

Now I’m not some special case who is busier than most, everyone is busy these days.

But the old cliché of “I don’t have time to eat healthy” is starting to return into my daily conversations with people.

If you have been saying this to yourself recently, I’m hoping to snap you out of this damaging self-talk.

An omelette, boiled eggs, Greek yoghurt, protein shake in the morning can be done an eaten with 5-10 mins.

A quick steak or stir fry can be whizzed up in 5-10 mins when your late back home.

A slow cooker with protein and veg bunged in takes you 5 mins to prepare, consume when home later and make extra for next day’s lunch.

See how easy it can be if we just convince ourselves and snap out looking for excuses.

Double down on your planning and prepping like I did with my Spanish.

And you too will see the fruits of your work in just a few weeks’ time.

Adios, Hasta Pronto!

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