You only get one body

This is the only body we get and we don’t want to treat it like an old banger run around.

It’s our only vehicle that we get to use in life, so we want it working optimally at all times.

If you were told you would only get one car to use for the next 20-30 years, you would make sure it had a service 2 or 3 times a year, not push it to the max, use high quality oils and fuels.

All so that the car worked as well as it should and make it last as long as possible.

Our bodies are no different & should be treated with much care the same way.

You want to strengthen it through regular attendance at the gym each week.

You want to nourish it with the highest quality ingredients.

You want to let it recover and repair with good sleep and hydration.

When we reframe our thought process this way, going to the gym this week doesn’t seem so bad does it?

You can also add an in an additional reframing process to make getting in that gym or making the next meal a healthy option easier….

Don’t view going to the gym and having to eat healthily as an inconvenience or something you HAVE to do.

We can be grateful that we GET the opportunity to go the gym or have the abilities to prepare a healthy meal.

Now that gym sessions or meal prep you’ve been putting off seems more acceptable doesn’t it?!

Make this week a productive one.

Get your workout sessions booked and be grateful that you have the abilities to train.

Follow that training session with a meal high in protein, vegetables & fist sized portion of natural carbs.

Whilst we are now on it today, grab that water bottle, fill it up and make sure its empty before the day is over.

Plan that early night this evening and get your 7-9 hours.

Rinse and repeat this week and you’ll be amazed how good you can look & feel with these simple tasks we GET to do!

Have a great week

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