The easiest way

I’m sat on my laptop just having finished planning.

Planning routes for football trips.

Always trying to find the most convenient and easiest way to get there, that will also fit around my work commitments.

And it got me thinking about how much I do this with every activity.

In fact, how everyone does this with everything.

Always looking for the quickest and easiest way to drive to work, get a job done, meet friends etc

As humans we like to save and gain back time.

And getting in shape is no different.

But on this activity, people often take the slow and hard route.

  • Binge out on booze and food EVERY weekend.


  • Skipping gym sessions.


  • Not sleeping or hydrating well.

Literally making the whole process so much harder.

But still expecting and wanting fast results.

So, let’s focus on two habits that will get you to your body shape goal that bit quicker and easier.

  1. Every time you eat, focus on filling that plate with lean protein.
  2. Alongside that protein, pile that plate high with vegetables

Honestly, for 90% of the population, they need to focus on this before trying to add in extra training/exercise sessions.

If we do the above using the 3 meals a day model…

… not only will you NOT want to snack, you’ll lower your calories simultaneously without having to track them.

And because you are now satiated and feeling nourished & energised – your body won’t crave the junk food that it often does!

Winner winner chicken dinner, which actually is a great pub lunch/evening meal minus the Yorkshire pudding ha.

Truthfully, think about your normal eating plan;

Is it lots of little carb like snacks all day then one huge eating fest at night?

Or is it 3 meals full of protein and vegetables evenly spaced out through the day?

Want faster body shape & health results?

Take the easiest way & fill your plates with lots of lean protein and veg!


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