Seeing the petrol panic buying has got to make you laugh or cry.

Whether its food, toilet roll or fuel.

Panic is something humans are good at.

Getting in shape is no different.

Many a time I’ve had people come to me who are getting married or going on holiday, and want abs in 4-6 week’s time.

As if it was that easy as turning up – do a few training sessions, a couple of healthy meals and then you’re in the best shape possible.

They soon realise that they’ve left it too late and panic.

In the gym every day.

Going really low calorie.

Looking for “fat burning” supplements to save the day.

All achieving nothing but a big weight rebound after their wedding or holiday.

If someone is seriously out of shape, they have to realise that it took YEARS to get to that point.

It didn’t just happen overnight.

So, a two week panic healthy eating and training regime is not going to do the job.

Our next year lean body shapes start now.

When it’s getting colder, wetter and darker.

Getting in the gym regularly over the winter until spring next year.

Eating healthy low calorie and high protein meals 80-90% of the time.

Minimising junk food and booze as much as possible.

Hydrating & sleeping well each day & night.

And then – the last-minute panicking and flapping next year will no longer be a problem.

If we enter next spring in fairly good shape.

You will then actually only need 4-6 weeks to get ripped/abs for your holiday or wedding.

Want to be in the best shape possible next year?

The work starts now!


Winter 6 Week Meltdown places are being snapped up.

Join the High Lane, Leek and Whaley Bridge waiting list….

Buxton has a small handful of places.

New location Ashbourne has places available but going fast!

Don’t be in a 2022 health kick panic – get the job started soon….

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