More Energy Wanted?

It’s that time of the month again where we open up spaces to join THQ.

Most people come to us to lose weight and get a bit fitter & stronger.

But they also say they want MORE energy.

They want to STOP the daily fatigue.

Nobody wants to be feeling tired all day.

And I make them complete one simple change to their diet that will make a BIG difference to their energy levels.

See most people start their day with a high carb breakfast.



Pop tarts (I’ve had this recently!)

Croissants & Pastries.

Very tasty options I agree.

But for your body shape and energy levels – it’s their worst nightmare.

After the enjoyment of the taste, you’re in for a midmorning energy slump.

Where quite often it’s another quick high energy snack like chocolate, crisps, cakes etc to power you up.

But again, terrible for your body shape and your energy levels.

Just kicking the can further down the road again, and you’ll get the energy slump in a couple of hours once more.

So how can we fix this?

Have a high protein breakfast.

Yes at first if you’ve been used to really sweet and sugary breakfasts, it can be a little different, but soon your taste buds adjust.

A high protein breakfast keeps blood sugar levels stable, keeps you burning body fat, and is way more satiating.

Meaning you’ll skip the morning snack as its not wanted and you can easily wait until your lunch.

You should be thinking more;

Eggs, fish & meat.

If you have a really sweet tooth;

Greek yoghurt with a tiny bit of honey or handful of berries, or a whey protein shake can hit the sweet spot but still be high in protein.

Power up your energy levels AND improve your body shape with this one simple swap.

Try it for 7 days straight and you’ll soon see how impactful it can be.


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