Monday morning blues

I’m sure we’ve all had a job that we’ve dreaded going into on a Monday morning.

The commute seems that bit more dreary, miserable and hard work when you don’t like your job.

Your work colleagues seem to annoy you a bit faster & more often when you don’t like your job.

And eventually you decide it’s not for you & you make a change.

This is exactly like following a diet you hate.

For example, going really low calories, or carbs, or keto…

Yes, you can bare and grunt with it for a while.

But deep down you know that it won’t last and that you’ll throw in the towel soon.

It doesn’t need to be like this though.

There is an alternative.

Where you get the body shape you want and enjoy the process.

And what’s this method called?

Tracking calories.

Where you record everything that you eat in a app such as myfitnesspal.

Now it can’t all be junk food and booze.

You have to include lots of protein, vegetables, and natural sources of carbs.

But there is a little room to use on your favourite treats.

Stay in the calorie target range of 10-12 times your weight in pounds for weight loss.

Enough to burn body fat but not so low where you are starving.

So simple yet massively effective.

Now if tracking is not for you or you just not quite there yet.

Aim to eat off a plan like the THQ meal planner & cookbooks 80-90% of the time, and use a meal or two a week as a treat.

Not so silly where you are starving yourself, but actually nourishing the body, staying in a deficit to burn fat AND having a treat.

You don’t need to be perfect, boring and restrictive to get in great shape.

You’ll just hate the process and fail.

But using a flexible approach as above, and you’ll enjoy the journey and last much longer.

Which should be like everything in life.

Why not make your diet and getting in shape the same.


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