74 Days Left In…

  1. Everyone I speak to say that can’t believe how fast time is going.

    Since lockdown, we seem to be doing everything possible to make up for lost time.

    And it’s made time feel like its stuck on fast forwards.

    This blog today is here to ground you a little and slow down that clock.

    There are just under 11 weeks till the end of the year.

    If you’ve already been convincing yourself with….

    “I’ll just wait until the new year”

    To sort your health, fitness and body shape.

    This really applies to you.

    Because if you’ve been aiming to get fit and active – but are willing to wait until the new year?

    There is a high possibility that it won’t succeed.


    You’ll get to the new year and there will be something else to delay you starting.

    So, you put it off and start later in January.


    You’ll start Jan 1st but give in after a few short weeks.

    Because it never really mattered to you.

    If it did – you would start NOW.

    We have these 11 weeks to GET AHEAD.

    Don’t lose them and dig yourself into a bigger hole.

    You won’t get this time back.

    The time we keep moaning is slipping through our fingers so fast.

    Get a head of the game and make 2022 so much easier to hit your health, fitness & body shape goal.

    Lay down some good foundations now to build up drive for next year.

    Here are some huge habits you can do over the next 11 weeks that will get your momentum going.

  • 3-4 weight sessions each week
  • 10k steps each day
  • 2-3 litres of water each day
  • Each meal based around protein and veg
  • Sleep 7-9 hours each night

Yeah, you’ve heard them before…and you’ll defo hear them again off me.

Because they work!

Use these 74 days wisely… and be so “on it” in 2022.

Yourself in 2022 will thank you so much, that you got started on Monday 18th October after reading this blog!


Need that little bit of extra accountability?

Our 40 Day & 40 Day program free to all members starts in a few weeks.

Lose weight over the festive period! Yes, it’s possible as many did last year.

More details to come soon…

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