Not Good Enough

No, I’m not talking about my football teams’ performance yesterday.

Which it undeniably wasn’t good enough.

(Can’t wait to see you all in sessions to remind me all about it!)

I’m talking about eating healthy meals.

As trainers, we hear it a lot.

“I eat healthy meals made from scratch but I just don’t seem to see any change”

What most people mean is that they consume a handful of healthy meals in a week.

Or eat well for 3 or 4 days in the week.

Reality is, that’s not going to be good enough.

And that’s most likely just 50-60% of the week doing what you should be doing for results.

That percentage needs to climb just that little bit more.

Actually, staying on plan 80-90% of the time is way better than nailing it 100% for a couple of weeks.

To only give up and blow the diet out of the water for a few weeks.

But if we can keep it on average at 80%, 90% would be better, then we are winning.

So that’s a lot of numbers I’ve just thrown at you.

But what does that even look like in real life?

Well, going on the strategy of 3 protein rich meals each day.

We are looking at consuming 21 meals in a week.

This means that 17-19 (80-90%) of those meals need to be high in lean protein, and full of vegetables.

If you’ve been in the gym or completed a home workout that day.

You can add a fist size portion of carbs to your meals.

This then allows 2-3 meals each week which can be a bit “off plan”.

Allowing a sense that you aren’t on a diet all of the time.

But also, enough to see some health, fitness and body shape differences.

Now that you know what needs to be done for results.

Have a look at your normal eating patterns.

Check how many of those meals are high in protein and vegetables.

Be honest with yourself and see if that ratio needs to increase.

Make your week good enough.


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