Weight Loss Rule Of Thumb

I totally get it.

Its mental in the mornings at your house.

You have to get the kids ready and shipped off to school.

Answering work emails and messages.

Get yourself showered and changed.

Walk and feed the dog.

Plus, tons of other stuff that crops up.

And food choices go a bit out of the window.

With speed being the priority.

But what if I said there is a general rule you should use that will not only energise you in the day, but also help you lose weight.

Now I’ve caught your attention.

And it’s so easy to do as well.

Drop the carbs at breakfast time.

Yes, that means your…toast, croissant, sugar laden cereals, oats, Weetabix, granola, chocolate (yes I’m hearing this a lot at the moment)

And swap it out for a high protein meal.

If you can get some veg or salad in there – a bigger bonus.

Think eggs, bacon, Greek yoghurt, whey protein powder.

All things that take 5 mins to rustle up.

Eating a protein rich breakfast is the easiest way to decrease you overeating later in the day.

This strategy particularly works well if you workout/train in the evening.

Eating only protein and vegetables in the morning (and at lunch time) can be the general rule of thumb.

Then, once you’ve completed your workout/training session – consume a fist size portion of carbs.

What this means is that you will drop body fat and re-fuel the body for its next workout/training session.

This rule is perfect if you have a low activity level job that requires you to sit on your arse most of the day.

Because if an emergency meeting, family crisis, traffic etc stops you from hitting the gym or doing your workout….

….then you just take out your evening meal carbs.

You will have created a decent calorie deficit through reducing carbs.

Yet still managed to have 3 satiating meals of protein and veg.

Which will stop that cravings monster from appearing in the evening.

Want to make this rule work even better?

Not only use this in the week.

Use it at weekends.

If you’ve got a night out with drinks or a meal in a restaurant.

Meals one and two should not include carbs.

Repeat the following day if it was a massive night out.

You’ll be pleasantly surprise when you step on the scales, that you’ll be lighter and still have made progress.

Don’t believe me?

There are many using this simple rule including myself who live a busy work & social life, and are in the best shape they’ve ever been!

Don’t be the one to miss out on this simple but effective rule.


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