Energy low?

Every year it still takes me by surprise.

And I’m certain you’ve had a least one conversation about it with someone.

About how early it goes dark now.

We know it’s coming.

It happens every year.

Now that we’ve nearly had a week of the clocks going back.

I get the usual energy slump, and it hits every year.

Wanting to sleep more, eat more, do less.

And it’s not just me.

Many others mention it to me in the gym.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the darkness.

Unless you are planning to move to the southern hemisphere every 6 months.

But we CAN beat the winter blues.

And it can be done with just a few simple tasks.

You MUST keep training 3-4 times a week.

Get in that gym or complete a home workout to get the blood pumping around the body, and the good feeling endorphins flowing.

Diet must stay on track.

Yep, we are all covered up now and no one can see your physique.

But adding more body fat due to eating off plan will hinder your next year “get in shape” plan.

Potentially putting you back weeks if not months.

Focus on high protein meals with plenty of vegetables.

Sunlight is lacking, but getting outside when it is sunny or bright will make a difference to your mood.

Get the sunlight on your skin and go for a walk each day.

20-30 mins outside will do the trick.

Top up the vitamin D3 levels.

Because of the lack of sun, we need to top up this vitamin to ensure the body runs optimally.

It’s a cheap supplement that will also help your immune system.

Aim for 5000IU’s each day.

There we are….4 straightforward steps to take if you are feeling a little low on energy

  • Get in the gym or complete a home workout 3-4 times a week
  • Eat 3 meals each day that are protein dominant, accompanied with lots of veg
  • Go for a 20-30 minute walk each day in daylight
  • Supplement with vitamin D3 each day

Top up your energy levels and beat the winter blues.


THQ has another little way to boost those moods and energy levels over the winter months.

Our 40/40 day & night program starts in a couple of week’s time as is complementary to all members.

This program was design to help you not gain weight over the festive period…

…YET still be able to do all the parties and have the fun cheats and treats.

In fact, a lot of members managed to LOSE weight over the Christmas period last year!

More details will be announced soon.

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