Which path will you take?

“If you are evenly split on a decision, take the path more painful in the short term”

As I’m sat here writing this email in my flat, I can see a pile of cups & protein shakers at my sink.

It looks unpleasant and it’s annoying me that I’ve not sorted them.

If I had washed them a couple of days ago as I went along, today I would have had a tidy looking kitchen.

I took the easy decision and avoided the short-term pain of washing them up there and then.

I took the easy path and delayed the pain.

Silly example, but it works on everything in life.

Particularly useful on big work and life decisions you put a huge amount of deliberation into.

For example, last year we wanted to change our modules on the website.

I could have just tweaked it and spent a day sorting it.

Most likely having to tweak it every few months to fix it.

Or I could spend a week completely rebuilding it and it would last for years.

I took the hard short term pain path for the long-time gains.

Spending a tough but rewarding week rebuilding it completely.

This is also how I view (and you should do too) getting in the gym or completing a home workout.

Getting yourself in the gym is taking the short-term pain path.

When we start our workout, we feel the struggle, difficulty and pain.

But in the long run, we will be better off.

Because we will be leaner, healthier, slimmer, fitter, stronger….

And we all know this, but how often do we then choose the easy path and skip the gym.

Making the long-term pain of not getting in shape, feeling bad, not being healthy most certain to happen.

If you awoke today having that frequent conversation with yourself about daily decisions, in particular, the one about having a workout today…

Choose the short-term pain path.

Get that session completed and you’ll know you’ll feel brilliant afterwards.

AND be that little step closer to the long-term gain.

Before you know it, it will be the end of the week and you’ve boxed off your 3-4 sessions for the week and be feeling great for taking the correct path.

Always choose the short-term pain path and reap the long-term gains.


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