£6 for a bag of crisps!

“Food price inflation reached a 14-month high” BBC

Most people saying their food shop cost have gone up recently.

That items are missing from the shelves.

Hearing and seeing this sounds quite scary.

Yet each time I’ve gone to do my weekly shop, I’ve noticed very little difference.

The only time I do, is when I glance down the crisp and chocolate aisle (the coffee is on this aisle ha).


According to some – crisps, cakes, chocolate etc prices going through the roof.

But still my shop costs pretty much the same.

Have these junk food items just been vastly under-priced?

Or are people comparing it to the “eating healthy” option.

Which apparently is too expensive to do.

I’ve never found it that expensive “eating healthy”

PROTEIN = Bulk meat is cheap (even cheaper frozen)
FIBRE = Veg & fruit is cheap (even cheaper frozen)
PROTEIN & FATS = Eggs, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese is cheap
CARBS = Rice, potatoes, lentils, pulses are cheap

I think the cost of eating junk food..

…meaning poor health and an unwanted body shape – is WAY more expensive.

Now that there is a lack of junk food on the shelves.

Maybe try using more of the above foods and discover that eating healthy isn’t expensive at all.

Even more so now that crisps cost 3 times as much.

I heard some people on eBay selling bags of crisp for £6.

To me, that is expensive!

Especially when comparing it to spending £4-5 pounds on 4 chicken breasts.

Maybe eating junk food will become the expensive option?

I doubt it.

But certainly, inflation and lack of supply may have made you revaluate what you put in your trolley.

And prioritising eating healthy could now be a way to save you some pennies.


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